Power Supply / Emergency Jump Start

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NEW!!  Balistic Back-Pack Power Supply, and Emergency Jump Start.   This thing is AWESOME.  Small lightwieght, hand held portable jump start for Motor cylces, ATV's, UTV's, PWC,  Etc.  Also a backup power supply for electronic devices like mobile phones, tablets, cameras, and other USB devices. Built in LED flashlight, with multiple lighting modes.  High capacity lithium ion battery with fast charging capability and extremely low discharge rate.   SPECS = Size (L) 131mm X (W) 75mm X (H) 25mm,  Weight - 300 grams,  USB output - 5 Volts 2 amps,  Jump start - 12 volts,   Starting current - 200 amps,   Burst current - 400 amps (5 sec @ 70 deg F),   Watt/Hours - 96Whrs,   Amp/hours - 8 Ahrs,   Full charge time - 3 hours,  Static discharge rate <10 percent per 1 year,   operating enviroment - 0 degF to 140 degF